All those flares in the F16 and the R-73 blows right past them to kill it lmao!

For your enjoyment an F16C dropped his CM load to no avail against the mighty R-73

Considering he flew straight an AIM-9M would also have shot him down.

Nothing special, you can do this with a aim9j, he led the missile to him in full afterburner.

If you drop flares likes this, even a R60M will hit.
The missiles will simply keep following the most recent flares until it reach the plane.

R-73’s IRCCM works by reducing the FOV of the seeker head after launch. The closer you are to the target, the better the seeker will keep the target in it’s FOV and not see any flares.

9M and AAM-3 would’ve also hit as the target didn’t appear to deviate from it’s flightpath.


One of these days, I hope folks figure out that you need to do more than one thing to properly defeat a missile. The days where you got to hit your Countermeasure Key and live with no effort are over.