All Sniping spots gone

With the recent updates all of the hull down positions and sniping positions are gone, EVEN THE HEDGE ROWS ON NORMANDY, i feel like the Normandy map should just be classified as alternate history, how can you have Normandy without its infamous hedge rows?? Then theres Jungle which had some positions where you could snipe from, now who do these changes benefit? Germany and Russia, whose tanks love when you have to fight them head on where they have their best armour and firepower. This is not healthy for the game, nations like Sweden, Japan, Italy and Britain and then NATO tanks are made specifically to not be thrown into CQC…so the way i see it is that a small vocal annoying minority complained enough and now all the maps are ruined. WAKE UP GAIJIN.


Heh i need to fight something more armor better rounds tanks me in the tanks like this??

try read this about the map
Let’s talk about high tier map for Ground RB - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder β€” official forum

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