All missles have proximity fuze problems. Please check it


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including r73 aim9m 27r 27er

I wonder if its just the servers straining with the event. Lot of people playing and tank shell weirdness tends to happen during events as well.

Hopefully goes back to normal after the event.

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Spoiler : no
On literally all the missiles in the game there is this problem from 10G IR and Radar to 35G, all the missiles have this problem, on average 1 missile out of 3 that I fire does not work…

I’ve lost so many kills to the prox fuse. I look at the missile camera and just see the thing not detonate 1 foot away from the enemy smh. I hope gaijin fixes this ASAP because we all know that high tier jet fights are mostly fought with missiles.

gaijin has no money to service the missiles, buy some GE to support the gaijin XD

ye…i wonder when they gona fix it… its going on for month already:

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its so offen i stoped playing the game…honestly… and i love this game but i cant play like this…