All helicopters should get a default ATGM loadout

The newer Helicopters (Mi-8s) have a loadout with ATGMs. For example, the german Mi-8 gets 2 Malyutkas stock.

Helicopters like the Lahatut sometimes come with ATGM loadouts with fewer missiles, which I think should be stock.

If possible, these loadouts should have two ATGMs for Rank V and VI helis, whereas the top tier helis should get 4, as they already do.

This would prevent a lot of people spamming helis with rockets over and over again.

I would still spam my AH-1S Kisarazu with 76 FFAR Rockets and annoy the shit out of people by shooting them down 3km away with my CCIP.
They Rock! :>

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Where would the suffer be in that?

Nah the rockets just need to be limited with SP cost, starting the game with 80 high performance rockets and a cannon is just stupid

Some Helicopters lack the CCIP required to do that.

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Anyone can firstspawn a SPAA to deal with first spawning helicopters.

If you die to them often, maybe start grinding the SPAA line and shoot them down for free RP and SL.

ATGMs would increase spawncost though, requiring kills/caps. If all helis that have access to ATGMs would get them, there might be less heli spam too. Win-win really.

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Absolute moronic statement, early helis with rockets are essentially a non starter they require really high skill to get decent results and no matter how good you might be if one tank hears you and is looking for you, you are dead

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True, but even with them you can get at least one kill by rangefinding with your rockets :)