All Harrier intakes

just a small idea, i noticed that the auxillery air intakes on all the harriers are fully open while not flying, this detail is incorrect as they are not mechanized and just loosely on a hinge, the lower ones would loosely hang close and the tops ones open

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Might be worth mentioning over in BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Not sure that this is entirely correct
All of those auxiliary doors aren’t powered at all, rather they open as engine requires greater airflow during takeoffs and landings
Whether it works like that or not in game, I don’t know but given that they are open in hangar I assume they do… Sort of

It’s quite simple. They decided to go for all Intake Blow-In Doors to be in their open position when the engine is idling/on during idle to low speeds. Yes they could have animated them so that AS SOON as you turn the engine off the lower doors just start to close and then fully close. But that is alot more hassle to get done for a finished product.

This visual issue will eventually get fixed just as how they fixed the Glove Vanes on the F-14A’s with them only starting to extend at mach 1.1+ just like irl.