All challenger series tanks are horribly modelled

Challenger 2 OES which i suppose is modelled of the megatron doesnt have its 1500hp engine making it practically useless to add as the TES is in the game.

And dont get me started on adding a tank that doesnt even have any information on it because its a TD

Megatron did not had a 1500 engine, it tested the transmission upgraded to 1500 but it never had 1500.

Its not like it does not have any information, they are limited.

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Would the transmission change be a reasonable buff?

There was no change in things that matter in game. The upgrades were to working parts so it can withstand 1500hp and torque it provides.

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Then explain why the challenger 3 TD has same engine same weight as the challenger 2E but doesnt go anywhere near 72kmh?

Yes, the transmission is simply unable to drive at that speed.

CR3TD is based off an assumed HAAIP program with an uprated CV-12 engine, CR2E uses the MTU engine and europack transmission, same as the Leopard 2 PSO.

Well, the part we talk about, so TN54E upgraded to 1500 existed irl and worked just fine. The engine is a problem

Then what was the point of putting in an engine the transmission cannot handle

No, not like that. The transmission can handle it, just its ratios and working parts do not let it speed too much over 60 kph. MTU transmission was designed to drive at higher speeds, TN was not

Gaijin refuses to believe western mbt’s have any armor or spall protection…you know, because our engineers did away with reactive armor bricks with the advent of the Abrams.