Do they really belong as such low tiers, or are devs still pretending that 30g all-aspect missiles are somehow fair at the BR’s they’re at because “premium go slow.”

I suppose you’re talking about the A-10 and Su-25?
They hardly ever shoot me down tbh. My favourite aircraft has flares but I don’t use them that often either since I can only pop 6 times and reserve those for actually capable opponents. Simply keeping an eye on the A-10’s and Su25’s and not letting them in a position relative to me (in terms of angle and relative speed) means they don’t shoot me down.

What do you fly? Perhaps we can discuss tactics so you also don’t need to worry about it.
Their flares are also easily countered by shooting your missile at the right time, even after my sidewinders have gotten flare-hungry. Even as a terrible gun fighter, without tracers and only 1 gun with low ammo, I get regular gun kills on them because they are so bulky and slow.

Totally understand there are situations they can be annoying, maybe we can get you out of those.

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Any 9.0’s really shouldnt be facing them, like you say, one can quite often get kills on them because either they have used their missiles or are looking at something else. but if its just a 1v1 where an A-6E is looking at you any you are in something like a Sabre dog or a Mig-17, theyre is no outplay, you cant avoid his missile even if you turn as hard as your elevators will let you, and of course you have no flares, and not even any rockets to try to trick the missiles. I personally think many 9.3’s are generally capable enough to face them, as things like the EEL and the F-104s have the speed and acceleration to get out of a situation where they could be launched on.

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Yeah, you’re right actually. I usually see them in a slight downtier but I didn’t think about MiG-17’s meeting them. Thats ridonkulous.
For ground they plan to implement limits for era breaking stuff. They should do the same for air with certain things like supersonics or all aspects.


Hopefully they will in the future, the only thing is that if you put them up in br to something like 11.3 like where the SU-39 is, all of the planes with radar missiles outclass them entirely. Planes like those are always difficult to balance but imo they are designed to ground pound, so its not a massive issue if they are pretty poor in air RB, if it were up to me all the A-10s,SU25’s and the A-6e would all be 10.7 and then some of the 9.3’s could go up in br too, for example an F-104 seeing 8.3s is just as bad

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no, not realy.

Q1) do they use modern missiles?
if yes, modern BR’s only, no slipping to 1940/50s jets.

Using the date a jet came into service is not a good balanceing metric. it should be based purely off the capabilities of the jet not arbritrary dates

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yeah no. missiles made in the 1980s will win 100% of the time versus machines made in the 1940s.

It’s intentionally unfair to have all aspect missiles against flareless jets, especially the 9L with its much better range.
Skip the relevant flareless jets if you can, or you can try equipping a rocket pod and use those as flares. Make sure to reduce power first.

Some missiles such are pushing regarding the planes they will face in a downtier but all aspect missiles are simply to much below 10.3 - in a downtier to 10.3.
Sure you can work around them in some instances also dependign on the aircraft but it ruins thew ay you want to play, you have no initative and the outcome of the match solely depends on the aircraft types on each team and wether the people in the best or most dangerous planes know what they are doing or not.
If they know what they are doing the working around imbalance has come to an end.