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I’m curious.
This game must be very complex in relation to its programming in general.
So, is there a way for me to understand a little, to what extent the algorithm interferes in maintaining equality between teams?

I know that War Thunder tries its best to maintain equality between tank teams, but where does human interference begin and algorithm interference end and vide-versa?

I hope my question makes sense and is understood, thank you in advance

No! no, it doesn’t. If you are not a beginner player whos gets bots for their first 10-15 battles, war thunder won’t do anything about teams and their tanks. Like one side can get 15 players having i.e. 5.7 max, while other side can get 2 players having 5.7 max.


Sorry, but that’s not what I’m interested in, it’s when we’re in the middle of a battle. Would there be interference from the algorithm when I’m heading to a certain place on the map, inducing me to follow a certain path, for example?
Resulting in a conflict between my interference and that of the algorithm?

What I want to know is whether or not my desires to do something during battle are always in conflict with the algorithm?

In the sense of not giving me an advantage over another player, or on the contrary giving me an advantage.

After Chatgbt we keep asking ourselves questions, when we are really interfering in the environment and it’s not the programming

Dude that would be a chore to program.

Even using AI it would need a test set to learn how to program in those situations to get the desired result.

So you would create hundreds of thousands of algorithms in the dagor engine that tamper with the player actions that allow the AI to learn how to do this.

I doubt such a dataset exists.

Even simple tampering like reducing the damage if you are first on the team, which would be easy to do, begs one question: why?

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bro really thinks hes living in a simulation…


Its just an online pvp game with tank and aircrafts what’s even the use of such algorithm in this game? your only advantages are your skills your vehicle and what position you are. you high or you want to look cool?

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what algorithm?

there is an algorithm to make two teams within the same BR range, making sure that each team have the same number of players who have a lineup within the same BR range on each team to the best it can with avalible players in the queue.

neither player skill, nor is anything else taken into account outside of the BR of your highest BR vehicle in your lineup.

once it does that, it rolls a virtual dice for a map, taking into account anyone with banned maps, and then throws everyone into the match.

beyond that, there is nothing controlling anything outside of the calculations required for the game physics.

There is no interference where the game tries to make a certain team or players win or lose, or to give one team or player an advantage or disadvantage.

There is no datamined evidence or developer stated evidence of a system which alters ingame parameters depending on [x] condition.

The only thing that changes between games is your team mates and your enemy as they are human players.

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@DerGrafVonZahl @Vamilad

War thunder tanks is not a game played on a real map, it is not a real football match played on a real field.
We can say that the algorithm in football is the judge (I’m not a programmer, I’m an ordinary person trying to understand how close it would be to reality during a battle, for example, did I hit the shot or did the algorithm make me hit it?)

On the other hand, the same conditions must be given to both teams…

Well it’s better to let it go


It doesn’t, it takes clients, specifically client ID’s, gives each one a number for their place in the queue, and throws them in a RNG, and the numbers it pulls, it gives a secondary number, it takes one of the two numbers and splits them evenly, then wether the number is 1 or 2, it throws each one on a team.

Pretty much, it takes your User ID, gives it a number, the game picks that number, then you are “in a match” and everyone’s User ID number is given a Boolean T/F, lets say True will be your team, and False will be your enemy. It’s that simple.

Well… Yes and no.

An algorithm is just a group of processes that are executed in a specific order.

A referee or judge shold aplly the rules like an algorithm. But this is misleading since not all algorithms would work like a judge in sports.

Technically everything in WT is an algorithm, since programs are Implementations of algorithms on a Computer.

Algorithms are just an abstraction of computer programs.

Getting back to the issue,

Since the tanks in WT follow your inputs, the algorithm cannot directly affect your behaviour.
Indirectly it could only do it by subliminally manipulating your decision making.

Since that would require massive knowledge about psychology, an enourmous amount of data on the players in the match and it needs tohave a solution for all situations.

The thing is someone needs to come up with an algorithm that takes every possible situation into account and can influence the player reliably to do the desired action. That’s a really complicated task, to make such an algorithm. It might be more complicated than creating the game itself.

If it isn’t done by AI a human needs to write that algorithm… And i don’t see a game developer doing this. I don’t even think such programs that can do that exist (maybe veeeeery simple once where there are only 2 situations or something like that. But not in a way that affects your WT playstyle in a predictable way). It would be a breakthrough in psychology.

And even for an AI solution you would need a dataset of similar programs that affect human behaviour, for the AI to learn from. So those would have need to be written by humans, which is even more work.

So no i don’t think gaijin has an algorithm this elaborate just to screw with it’s players.

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Gaijin’s AIs really aren’t. That is just marketeering Anton came up with. Ground vehicles follow tracks on the map, and both they and air vehicles follow basic, decades old now, behavior scripts for maneuvering and engaging targets.
If there were any machine learning going on, the bots would be able to be super genius, or at least play as well and as close to the best human player with the titanic amount of data they could/should have after a decade and millions of games.

Make a squad… Commonly ask in your matches to find people who are in your BR range if they want to squad.

Many won’t but you’ll find a few, and add to your friendslist.

Avoid negative nancies as they’ll make you self doubt and try blame the game on the regular.

A full squad is 1/4 of the team, where you being 1, is 1/16. It makes a lot of difference.

Yes, there are shenanigans on the game server. Player’s have varying “crew skills” and “vehicle modifications” that impacts the performance of the vehicles during games. So a level 1 crew in a stock tank is going to be at a serious disadvantage over an aced crew in a spaded vehicle. And that is without even going into “tin-foil hat” territory about if the server “throws” games for… reasons.

You forgot the wifi and the solar flares.