Alarms at the beginning of the battle!

Alarms at the beginning of the battle! In my opinion, this is something that will improve the feeling of going into battle.
Detail: At the start of a tank battle, an alarm will sound from the base or starting point, warning of an attack. The alarm will stop a few seconds after the start of the battle!

Regarding the air battle: every time an air battle starts, an alarm horn will sound from the base, which warns of an emergency (attack) situation, and the alarm will stop aText few seconds after going into battle!
Thank you very much developer team for being really attentive to our comments!!

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Could be a cool call to attention, but I’d definitely want an option to toggle it off.

No thank would get very annoying very quickly

Interesting concept. Definitely requires a toggle button.

It might be fun for a day or two, but will become annoying very fast. If anything, a toggle (with a default to off) would be needed then. I think there are more important things they need to work on right now.

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Gaijin cannot add that as a default feature. There’s already enough problem with the air raid siren for the nuke plane.
I agree with toggling it though.

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Nah thanks.
Please dont turn this into WoT.


I used to play an ARCADE (those ancient machines that we would insert coins into) called “Green Beret”…it ALWAYS started with an alarm…
TO THIS DAY (was more than 20 years ago) i can still remember it…became annoying as hell and eventually i changed game DUE TO THIS.

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