Al-Fao the 210mm armed Al-pha

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Today I’d like to suggest a Iraqi prototype designed and built by Canadian designer Gerald Bull the same man who designed the more well known G6 SPH which we already have in game, so consider the Al-Fao the bigger sibling to the G6.

The story of the Al-Fao beings in 1981 when Gerald Bull was hired by Saddam Hussein to work on larger and more powerful projectile-hurling guns than project HARP which Bull had been a main part of, so with Bull being hired for Project Babylon the Al-Fao was one of the results of the project along with it’s sister the Majnoon which was a 155mm SPG, Bull would work on these gun systems along with the Big Babylon and Baby Babylon guns until his unfortunate assassination in March of 1990.

The Al-Fao(also sometimes called the G7) would be built in Europe and then publicly displayed in Baghdad in 1989 however it isn’t known if the Al-Fao ever went into service with the Iraqi army and as none were captured in the 1991 gulf war is it safe to assume that the project was cancelled soon after Bull’s assassination.

The Al-Fao whilst being built on a wheeled chassis was found to not be robust enough for the gun requiring the massive muzzle brake seen here.

Crew: 6 (Driver, Gunner, Commander and 3 Loaders)

Armament: 210mm L/53 cannon(that’s a 11.13m long gun!)
Elevation: 0° to +55°
Traverse +40° left and right 80° total
Muzzle velocity: 997m/s
Projectile weight: 109.4kg/241.2lbs
ROF: max - 4rds/m sustained - 1rd/m

Top Speed: 90km/h on road, 60-70km/h cross country

Weight: 48,000kg, 105822lbs, 48t

I hope everyone finds this suggestion interesting and if anyone has more information on this vehicle I’d greatly appreciate it as there are things that I obviously couldn’t find like ammo stowage, and the explosive mass of the shells so if you have that information please share so I can make this suggestion as good as possible!






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