AJ(S) 37 - Flare/Chaff Dispenser KB

KB Flare & Chaff Dispenser

As I stated in my other topic about the A32A Box 3 Dispenser. The chaff dust cover is supposed to be removed before flying. The Chaff dust cover is supposed to slide forward to expose the chaff dispenser when chaff is to be released and close back when the chaff has finished being released. Thank you Flame2512 for the correction.

In game


Also the amount of chaffs and flares is way off. Should have somewhere between 256-512 chaffs along with flares.

Source: https://robotmuseum.se/wp-content/uploads/Motmedel_Bengt_B.pdf


Bug report website. I’m about to sleep otherwise I’d direct link it for you.
Gather more evidence and you have a solid report.

The cover is not removed before flight. It retracts forward into the body of the pod when chaff is released and then closes again when chaff has finished being released.

You could argue Gaijin should model it, but it’s not as simple as just removing it from the model entirely.

Oh, I though it worked like the Box 3. Now I know, thanks.

i know what gaijin will say.
something along the lines of “we can’t split chaff and flares so we cant give it the correct amount of chaff without giving it too many flares”…
just like what they did with the Tornado… come to think of it, aren’t the tornado’s pods the same as the Kapsel KB?

They did it with JA-37D though. It should have 320 chaffs and 48 flares. Instead it got 368 “countermeasures”.

Because the BOL rails could carry flares in real life (whether Sweden used them for that is another matter).

BOL 451 that Viggen used only took Chaffs. Later variants of BOL do accept flares but not BOL 451 hence why they used BOY 401 for flares.

should be the same packets though shouldn’t it?

the avionics don’t need to know that there’s flares as well

but also, thats like 320 flares. not the same as giving something over a thousand

Careful, that’s awfully close to British AIM-9L thinking

And now you know why Gaijin is working on a new countermeasure system that separates flare & chaff.