A32A - 3 Things Wrong with the Box 3 Chaff Dispenser

3 Things Wrong with the Box 3 Chaff Dispenser

Number 1: The Easy Fix
You know the metal thing that looks like a dust cover, well it kind of is just that. It was used to cover up the dispenser because of its secrets. It was removed on the runway or just before.

In game

Real life


Numero dos: The Amount of Chaffs
While each dispenser indeed had 16 pipes, each pipe had multiple chaff bundles, I don’t know the exact number but I would guess it had anywhere between 16-32 bundles per pipe. Making the final amount 256 - 512 chaffs per box. Also the dispenser should not drop simultaneously since it could overload the power unit with up to 300 A shocks which could burn the internal wiring, this was later fixed though.

Box 3 infograph

Number 3: The finale
This is up to debate but later on all Box 3 dispensers was fitted with APP 11 RWR in the front nose section of Box 3 which gave improved RWR capabilities along with additional band frequencies. The Document states C/S/X band, idk how to translate that to War Thunder Bands though.

Fun Fact 1
Did you know that the CW warning noise in Swedish planes was that of an ambulance siren? It was deemed affective enough even after complains from the pilots.

Fun Fact 2
While testing the Box 3 in Denmark, one of the testing involving long strips of chaffs accidentally resulting in a complete blackout in parts of Denmark when power lines was short circuited after they were hit with the strips of chaff.

Fun fact 3
When testing what effects chaff had to jet engines they found that the chaff melted and fused to the rotor blades which actually enhanced the performance of the engine. (Same amount of thrust at lower fuel consumption).

Source: https://robotmuseum.se/wp-content/uploads/Motmedel_Bengt_B.pdf
Source2: https://www.fht.nu/Dokument/Flygvapnet/forsv_elektro/Arenco/arenco_140811.pdf


I like this, it should be implemented, because it’s accurate, however, I believe it’s like this for balancing purposes though. Still, at 9.0, it’s only opponents in Ground RB are radar SPAA’s, which the chaff is there for, yet it doesn’t get a RWR, then in Air RB, all opposition missiles are, for the most part (when not in a full upteir) all IR guided, not Radar, therefore not giving a real reason for it to really be in the game, that is unless you are skilled enough to realize when radar SPAA’s lock and start firing in close range from a low attack angle.