Airfield anti air in ground realistic battles

The airfield anti air is supposed to shoot down every aircraft coming too close to the enemy airfield so that they cant kill defenseless aircraft.
I just landed my su 25 after a ground strike thinking i was safe from the aircraft that was chasing me.
It could literally strafe me while i was landing. the airfield spaa? THEY WERE GUNS!
Probably a bug i thought, from 10.0 the airfield anti air needs to be missles or else its just unfair.
fix this thank you.

It is missiles. They’re actually missiles from 7.0 and up if I remember correctly. You can dodge them easily and the guns don’t really track past like 700Km/h.

You’re right it is annoying to be killed when landing/landed but it’s part of the game. You can make and official suggestion for it and hope it gets pasted.

Also not a bug ;)

In my opinion with rather limited experience, ALL airfield AA could use a pretty big buff, there have been so many times in ground RB where I’m like 50m away from the airfield and a plane is flying right behind me but the airfield AA only starts shooting after I die and they start flying away (usually would end up with them dying after a while)

And in AirRB with the F104A at least it’s stupidly easy to just fly over the enemy airfield and shoot 1-2 planes and leave again without even risking being shot down, mostly because the missiles can be dodged, and the gun based AA (I assume that’s what the non-Rolands are) just straight up haven’t even shot at me once yet.

But yeah almost certainly not a bug, annoying for sure though.
I’ll be picking up the free kills while I can I suppose.

Everything is simple. There is no missile SPAA at the airfields in GRB. At some maps there no AA at all. You can even land at enemy airfield.

Not an error@ trikGuy

It’s also extremely easy to destroy enemies on airfield with a Harrier.

there were no missles. i even have it clipped

No missles is crazy tho. Might make a suggestion for it.
but i honestly doubt it will be changed, they have so much more to work on.

I miss read. I though we we’re talking about air battles… Sorry for the confusion