Aircraft names not showing full specification in air RB

As of recently aircraft in air RB do not shoe the full variants of the plane. In this screenshot you can see Bf109s but not the variant they are. This is happen to all planes at every BR.


Have the same problem here and made a thread as well. Additionaly i have some strange radar glitches in first person.

Its extremely annoying as half the time i do not know what variant of an aircraft i am fighting

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Yeah, it’s extremely annoying especially when encountering Migs-21. Maybe we can help each other because apparently Gaijin won’t help us. I guess the reason for our problem is the same. I’m sending screenshots below. Whats your specs? I have AMD Ryzen 5600x, ASUS Nvidia 3060ti GDDR6X 8GB, 32 GB RAM and M2 SSD, though my graphic drivers are not up to date because it created quite a few problems in War Thunder like crashes back in the day (I have version 537.58). This name issue started for me over a week ago. I think it could begin to happen after I tried War Thunder in VR first time but I’m not sure if this is related. Do you have these strange radar graphical glitches in cockpit view as well?

And of course before anyone asks - all settings are correctly set. I’ve deleted my cache, checked the file integrity and reinstalled. None of those things did help.

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None of these things are things to be advised to do…

Your reporting of an issue isn’t just posting a thread about it, you need to actually report it via the issues system.

Just because you post something, and get no response immediately, doesn’t mean it won’t get tended to if you report it correctly.

That radar glitch they won’t see as the spitfire hasn’t got radar, and it’s very much likely unrelated.

Yeah, like he can’t do a flight test with MIG-21S for example if he don’t have higher tier aircraft yet. Please if you’re not helping then at least don’t interrupt. I know how efficient support can be with solving problems. Both issues showed up simultaneously so I think this can be very much related.

You think they are, but they’re absolutely unrelated. The radar has nothing to do with this, nor does clearing out the cache folder and the rest…