Aircraft/heli grind

As Gaijin have allowed for helicopter research via ground vechicles, I don’t see the reason why we are not allowed to have the same option for planes.

The game should alllow You to also research aviation via playing helis and helis via aviation.

The only ‘drawback’ is that it would limit people buying premium vechicles of certain class.

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Aircraft Grind is already faster and easier than ground.

In Air modes, not in ground.

Yes. Ground battles barely gives any rp compared to air battles. Why would someone use a slower grinding method?

That is why I would also like to grind aircraft with helis.

As ground units can grind helis, why helis shouldn’t be able to grind air units?

There was a 100 GE reward for ship tutorial if Im not wrong 🤔 . If that was removed, imagine less players buying F4S or F20 for 70 and 75$

You must be crazy

That is the issue I can see from Gaijin perspective.

ARB is a dogshit gamemode so I would actually rather grind planes in GRB, if they removed enemy markers it would be at least somewhat playable though still boring