Aircraft fuel jettison

Hey guys,

what are you thinking about a function that drop fuel continuously when holding an button and stop dropping fuel when the button released.

I think it will be good at some case like we need to lose some weight to gain speed,…

do you want to see this function in game?
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It may be something to consider after an intricate fuel slider; something that allows you to choose a specific percentage of fuel.

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yeah, but i mean fuel jettison when you are flying.

there is a case, when i’m flying F-111A.
usually, F-111A can carry enough bomb for 3 base, but the problem is it’s too heavy and slow when you bring a lot of bomb beside most of player in an ARB match are aiming for bombing base, with a slow speed when carrying bomb for 3 base, u most likely never got a chance to bomb the base.

so i came up with a strategy, that i will go to the rear of the map and wait for the 2nd base respawn then start to farm it.

Here is the problem, most of time, 2nd base respawn are take about 5-6 min after 1st base destroyed, and F-111A has only 3 fuel option.

1st option: minimum fuel → this will not enough and you likely end up with no fuel left
2nd option: 1 hour → this sometime not enough for big map if you start after burn
3nd option: 2 hours → this is more than enough even you have after burn all over time, but your aircraft will alway be heavy even you dropped all of your bomb and i was trying to lose some weight by turn on after burn to burn fuel but it’s not burn fast enough.

so i think fuel jettison while flying is a good function

Nah, you just want this, don’t you?


haha, yeah =))), it’s look cool

Bout to go fly low and burn some tanks doing that lmao that looks cool for sure though.