Aircraft contributing to tank research

how would you feel about aircraft in ground battles contributing to tank RP?

ofc, the first thing that may come to your mind may be even more CAS in ground battles, but since playing aircraft would now contribute to the tank RP, we also may see more anti-cas fighters around.

See, currently, aircraft contribute to aircraft RP only in tank battles, and thus they are RP-wise useful only if they directly contribute to the victory… sure, killing enemy CAS will contribute to the victory somewhat, but it takes so much more time than spawning CAS yourself, bombing something important and rushing the cap. This might change somewhat if we get tank RP with aircraft, thus anti-cas patrols may actually be rewardful

what do you think?


Not really as it would create double standard. One could research planes while playing air RB and RBGF, while ground vehicles could be researched only in RBGF.

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Wouldn’t support it. Some aircraft are far better to use in GRB than in ARB as they are made for ground attacks. Some can’t be used effectively in air combat and need the increased RP by killing players instead of AI or bases

They do, but only in tank AB matches. Where you are given randomly selected aircraft when you choose to spawn planes. Part of the whole premise of tank RB & Sim is that players can separately research planes & tanks in the same “Combined” battles. Tank AB is an entirely different animal and with the continued plane nerfs one after the other they keep doing in AB, I would not be surprised if they just eventually remove all planes from AB “Combined” battles and make AB Tank Only at some point in the future.

I don’t feel like this button would be “ok”

I would definetly prefer a Slider of how much SL/RP Reward each players are willing to have

Like if a players is good, and having 3 times it’s repaircost by rewards, he can choose to slide off SL rewards to increase RP rewards instead.

And this would make all players able to progress in the game at their rythm → the only problem with that is that the Slider can’t be 100% change,…

Maybe like a +/- 15% change would be a great start(+/-30% at best)

I’m for exemple really good at having SL gains, then i would prefer to have more RP instead.

this is never happening, gaijin either fills you with RP, so you buy SL or fills you with SL if you are good player and makes you use those nasty “convertible RP’s” / premium acc

leave air battles out of this… one may also solve the issue by reshaping how ARB works.

but we could also have a “switch”, like they implemented for helicopters