[Aircraft] BR change by loadout

I propose a system in which the BR varies depending on the secondary weapon mounted.
The advantage of implementing this system is that it will save aircraft that have a very high BR due to ground mode (e.g. A-7D) and aircraft that are struggling because they have not completed modifications (e.g. KfirC.2).
It would also eliminate the need to add nearly identical aircraft for the sake of game balance (e.g. JA37C and the current JA37D), and it would be possible to reproduce additional historical armaments (e.g. AIM-9J on the F-4C). Furthermore, it will also create a game-changing feature, such as intentionally installing bad secondary weapons to lower the BR. (Sales of EJ (ADTW) etc. will also increase lol).
For example, an F-4E with no secondary weapon is 10.3, with an AIM-9J it is 10.7, with an AIM-7E-2 it is 11.0, and with a mix of 9J and 7E it is 11.0.
However, there are some problems. First, the increased complexity of the BR system can easily lead to confusion. So when selecting a secondary weapon the increasing BR is displayed next to the loadout.
The next problem is when changing armament on the airfield. As an example, let’s say a 10.7 F-4E with only an AIM-9 is now a 9.7-10.7 match. You can solve this by displaying the BR for that match on the map screen or stats screen and prohibiting loadouts that change to 11.0 during that match.

I used a translator for this suggestion. If anything is unclear, please ask me and I will try to answer as best I can. I hope my suggestions will move this game in the right direction.


I would like to abuse your suggested mechanism because my Kfir Canard would be overpowered even more if it lost AIM-9Gs and moved down to 10.3BR.

This would get abused so much


So no missiles = max -0.7 BR?

Yeah I dont see any problem with that

SMT, Draken on 9.7 ?
F4C 9.3??
yak38 8.7?
F5C 10.0, also F5E?

Hold on lemme grab my Vautour IIN at 7.7 without missiles. Surely is balanced

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I still has PTSD for Vautours because Vautour IIA was 8.0BR when it was implemted in the game.
It was one of horrible things…

I also believe that not all aircraft should be able to lower their BR through this system.
Aircraft that are mainly gunfighters, such as the F-5E and Kfircanard, will maintain their BR even without missiles, but instead of increasing their BR, they can have a 9L, Python-3, etc., which brings diversity.

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Good idea for GRB and ground attack weapons, to many balancing issues for ARB

A-7D was not given 10.3 because of ground RB, it was given 10.3 because it would end matches before 90 seconds on a Spanish map before air spawn was removed.
And it stayed 10.3 cause not enough players played after the change.

Also your suggestion would mean that you are locked into your loadout before you hit to battle.

So no, being able to choose loadouts right before spawn is too much of a benefit to sacrifice.

This would also make decompression nearly impossible.

I think this would be harder to implement and balance than just a blanket Air/Ground BR system.

And decompression ends the need for either far more complicated system.

I support every fellow player who tries to enhance the game.

From my pov the BR adjustment based on combat power (based on loadout) is not really worth to consider due to 2 major drawbacks:

  1. It would kill the necessary flexibility in a battle - in case you are forced to change load out due to change of threats (or simply u need bombs to avoid ticket defeat) you would be unable to react - as your load out needs to be “unchangeable” in order to avoid abuse. Without a freeze of all plane parameters your suggestion won’t work - and players will find easy ways to abuse this…
  2. Such a change would have been valid for all aircraft in all modes - just to be consistent and would add a hell of complexity for gaijin to implement and to track performance of a single plane with various load outs just to measure performance for the setting of the initial BR. Scale this up to the number of existing planes and think about the need of considering thousands of variations. Besides the need to adapt for players…

I mean gaijin is telling us that they are unable to set different BRs for Ground and Air game modes - why do you assume that they could implement such a complexity like this “dynamic BR setting”?

Yet you encouraged others to ignore everyone that suggests enhancing the game less than 2 days ago.

I appreciate you support one of my positions now.


Is that almost the same reason for the A-7E and A-7K that were added after the airspawn was erased?

If you started matchmaking at 10.7 initially and got a max of 11.3 matches, it is possible to select a max 11.3 loadout just before spawning.

Yes. Because their BRs are based on the BR of A-7D.

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Yes. There will need to be a mechanism to prevent abuse and an easy way to examine balancing.

Frankly, based on Gaijin’s statement, I think there is almost no chance that this system will be implemented in the near future. However, I suggested this idea in the hope that it will be helpful when dynamic BR adjustment becomes possible in the future.

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Idk what happened 2 days ago - and tbh idc.

That we have similar thoughts on this one might be nice - but has nothing to do with support.

There is a difference between topics to be discussed in the forum and an actual “official” suggestion - you know that. And there is a difference between people like here trying actually to improve the game or people unable to deal with the cards they have and simply trying to lower certain parameters to make their life easier - based on lack of experience or simply based on unwillingness to improve.

The main point of most suggestions regarding game play or set-up/MM (like here) is similar - they are created to overcome weaknesses of the game. Unfortunately, these proposals are often more complicated (and expensive) than to fix the “root cause” of those problems.

I still have zero clue how gaijin is able to generate 120 million € revenues with this and their other products. Every mid to long term player is able to present 5-10 major weaknesses “ad-hoc” - and most of them exist for years without any feedback from gaijin to their customers.

From a pure quality aspect wt is a mess - the total amount of flaws and weaknesses might be a result of the design as f2p platform but the current set-up forces most of more experienced players in niches within the game where they are able to control the most of intended or unintended flaws.

I’m just going to be patient for news on their BR overhaul.
Thousands of vehicles to analyze and re-think where to place them after all.

I would love to see something like this. it would take a some time for someone to draw up all the different options but would balance out planes and prevent stock syndrome on a lot of planes which have poor performance but crazy good weapons that may not get unlocked to t3/4 mods.

as others suggested though BR decompression might achieve the same thing so if they get that right this may not be necessary.

this system is defo open to abuse as well if not done right and I highly doubt gaijin would do it right…

currently even a 0.3 BR drop may put some planes into clubbing position even without missiles. i can’t think of any 8.0 plane that could fight a f-100 with only guns.

I think some planes being bad until you spade them is just part of the game now unfortunately.

the ideal system drops some planes BR by 0.1 until it reaches T3/4. this means it will no longer face max up tiers but cannot get down tiered into a clubbing position