Aircraft backups

Vehicle backups are currently unusable in Air RB. I’ve got a couple hundred backups received from crates on aircraft that I will never use in Ground RB and therefore will never have a chance to use those backups.
What would you guys think about backups allowing a second spawn in an aircraft for Air RB? It would make those backups actually useful and might make the battles longer and more dynamic. Do you think is is a fun idea? Would it be broken somehow? Is it worth making an actual suggestion?

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With the new backup activation system, rewards granting backups to a specific vehicles are questionable.
An act of good will from Gaijin side would be a transfer of backups from vehicles to the backup tokens pool.
As for ARB, it should be reworked. Battle royal system is sooooo pre covid.

They are adding a way for you to convert stugf into other items. You might end up converting them to sl/rp boosters or something

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Except the ones that are firmly assigned to a vehicle, received as battle rewards or when you purchase a premium plane. I have no proof, but I am fairly certain that you will not be able to turn them into something else.

So I support the suggestion to turn “vehicle bound” backups to "pool backups ", maybe even at a tradeoff (3 “bound” backups can be traded for 2 “unbound” ones maybe?)

I play AirRB almost exclusively. And I would do this trade happily. Some of my planes have dozens of bound backups I can never use…

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