Aircraft - are they too cheap to spawn in ground RB?

What is everyones thoughts on the SP cost to spawn aircraft in ground RB?
Seems to me to be way too cheap, resulting in too many aircraft in ground RB.
Yes, you can spawn SPAA, but SPAA mobility and map design means aircraft know exactly where to look for you. Not to mention SPAA situational awareness is limited by badly designed game mechanics.

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No idea, we seem to have a shortage of CAS threads.


Maybe the fact that you literally get a killcam showing the exact position of the guy that killed you also helps?

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Revenge CAS players are just mad that they got outplayed. But if CAS SP costs were higher, there would be more ground battle, in ground battle games…

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Its WAY too high for CAP aircraft (those with no CAS power, like a Tornado F3) There is no reason why they have the same SP cost as a CAS aircraft and twice that of a Heli with no AGMs.

and even some CAS aircraft have SP costs that make absolutely no sense for specific loadouts. They need to drop the SP cost for certain CAS loadouts and increase others.

For example. Tornado Gr1 with 4x GBUs is the exact same SP cost as 4x Unguided bombs (or any quanittiy of unguided bombs) I have 0 insentive to EVER run that loadout because I can just run GBUs for the same cost. Make the unguided payloads cheaper at top tier and you would increase the insentive to run those loadouts

I would:

  • halve the base SP cost for all aircraft.
  • Increase the SP cost of loadouts to return SP costs to their current total
  • Vary SP costs for Quantity of weapons taken (2x GBUs being less than 4x GBUs for example)
  • Make less powerful A2G options cheaper (unguided bombs being a lower SP cost than GBUs)
  • Remove SP Cost for A2A weapons

Make all vehicles the same SP

The sp cost for the planes themselves is fine. Load out sp should go up per bomb/rocket.

Or did they fix the SP Cost? and make it so that players it never allow a person who has gotten, no kills, 1 assist and that’s it? Somehow fly a plane. Cause this is one of the main problems.

I think the hit marker and muzzle flashes/bullet trails responsible more on revealing his position, that’s how I spotted most enemies anyway when I’m using CAS.

The spawn cost for CAS is fine where it is, even some loadouts too high for no reason.
The cost for CAP should be lowered, much less after your first tank spawn as long as you don’t kill yourself.

Have any SPAA players ever heard of not staying stationary in spawn? Move

Too little SP cost to pawn

Too broad a question so not gojng to find a decent answer other than what a couple here have covered.

Why not a time limit until CAS is allowed to arrive? Say anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes? This way ground vehicles get some CAS free tank versus tank gameplay before aircraft arrive above the battlefield? I understand this thread is directed towards RB but the time limit could be for AB as well. Seems it would work for both ground and CAS focused players.

Might be an easier fix for Gaijin than adjusting the various SP costs across different aircraft for different nations.

I think the point hes getting at is that, the spawn points are so small. That all a CAS needs to do, especially at top tier, is look into these areas and you’ll probably find an enemy to hit.

Whilst I will move out of spawn with SPAA, there is usually only so far you can go before putting yourself into the sights of the enemy tanks. Maps are just too small to risk going very far.

Spawns could do with being made either larger, or adding more spawn points to each map. I think most maps could easily accomodate at least 1 more spawn point, maybe even 2. Or turning an entire map edge into a spawn point. Combine with just making maps bigger again and you’d not just help mitigate some issues with CAS, but mitigate the bigger problem in my opinion, which is spawn camping

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