Aircraft are easily visible through complete overcast

On a number of occasions, I have expressed by concern about how aircraft would find me in complete overcast and shoot me down in spite of me hearing them coming and making random turns to avoid them. These would cause the sound of the enemy to fade, but invariably they would be on my tail again, even in pitch black cloud. When I expressed my feeling that something odd was going on, I was invariably told that they were tracking me by sound or whatever and I needed to “get gud”.

Well here is what is actually happening. In this image, you can see a white patch directly below my gunsight. That is an A-1H that is hovering near the ground. I did not get the image quickly enough, but he was visible all the way from the spawn point, which was in 100% overcast and well over 10k distance. I was able to simply follow that splotch and spot him when I broke cloud near the battle area. This allows you to see targets at distances far beyond what you might get in no clouds at all.


Be nice to get this fixed.

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Well, this clearly needs to be fixed. :|

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And before you say it, no its not just helicopters and other objects near the ground. Here’s another example where you can see several aircraft at all different altitudes at distances well over 10 k away. This includes a drone, which would be completely invisible at this range.

Ok, I can’t seem to get the image tag to work: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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It has become better. From 2013 to 2020 aircraft were visible as a black dot through any sort of cloud layer.

Its not even consistent. Sometimes you can see tale-tails of planes, thru the clouds, sometimes you can’t see them at all even when they are in FRONT of the clouds all you see is the player card. And sometimes it splits the difference where you are just within thin clouds and can still clearly see the ground and enemy aircraft within spotting range and you don’t get any icons.

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