Aircraft are Being Engaged by High Tier SAM's From Outside Render Distance

As the title says, the Pantsir and, to a lesser extent, the TOR have the ability to engage aircraft before the pilots of those aircraft have even rendered the SPAA. Rendering ground vehicles is unreliable at best until you get within 15-17km of the target vehicle. I have a video demonstrating what exactly I am talking about, and a few suggestions.

My suggestion is that render distance be handled like it is in ARMA III if possible. Each separate class of vehicle (ground, helicopter, airplane) has a unique render distance slider in the options menu. This gives the player the option to increase or decrease render distances for objects in game based on the current needs of gameplay balanced with their personal gaming system’s performance and specs. This would seem to be the best fix.

Any input is definitely welcome if this is not a possibility though.


Also the fact that you gather 900 spawn points to hop in a plane then get oblitarated in the first seconds by a SPAA of 70 spawn points doesn’t seem that fair…

Mig 27k can shoot missiles from 13km which is barely inside render distance for most spaa.
CAS is already ridiculously strong and its way too easy to spawn planes/helicopter with Scouting Mechanic. I think planes should be rendered up to 18km or so with extremely reduced detail, at that distance they are only a few pixels big anyways. For planes with Thermal vision you could render tanks at these distances as a few bright pixels not sure how good that would work with planes like the su39 who dont have thermal.

This isn’t a question of balance. Its a technical problem with the game. Also SPAA don’t even need targets to be rendered to engage them. All they need is a sensor return and lock. Either radar or IRST. Aircraft do not have that luxury. The new Mirage and Tornado have glide bombs capable of hitting a patch of ground (not a point target. you can simply drive away from it and it wont follow you) in excess of 30km. This would punish SPAA for just sitting idle in spawn with 0 risk. However you cannot use these weapons in any meaningful way because ground targets do not render until well within the firing range of top tier SPAA. If you want to have an argument over how to balance CAS that’s fine, but completely removing the ability to use standoff weapons by making it so you can’t see what is shooting at you even if you are staring directly at it is not the way to do that.

Only high tier spaa that i have is the 2s6, search radar shows anything within 10km but tracking radar can lock things outside that range up to roughly 15km. That is about the range drones spawn at and they sometimes plop in and out of existence at that range, which makes it really annoying to fight. I agree that balancing isn’t the issue here, I just wanted to add that if CAS can see you at that range you should be able to see them too. Best solution would be to always render everything, although I dont know how much of an impact that would have on low spec Computers. I cant really give an opinion on the CAS side of things since the su39 has missiles with a range of 10km (i usually wait till i am inside 5-8km) and Tanks are usually rendered at that distance. Hope my first post didnt offend you wasnt intended as a rant but every time i talk about this game it usually turns into one.