Aircraft Ammo UI Bug

One thing I noticed in the new update is that, if your aircraft has more than 2 types of ammo, the modifications menu doesn’t show the ammo belt of the largest caliber.
I’ll show this with 3 screenshots.

The Ju 188 has 3 types of defensive guns: the 8mm, the 13mm and the 20mm. But the ammo belts for the 20mm isn’t shown.

The Finnish Bf 109 G-6 has 13mm MGs and can carry either 20mm or 30mm guns, but it only shows the 20mm ammo belt, even though the 30mm is currently equipped.

The Yak-9UT can carry 4 types of guns, but the ammo belt selection for the 45mm doesn’t appear.

So, have any of you noticed this as well?

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Same here
Also, I’ve just had to manually correct the ammo settings on more than 200 planes where “stealth” or “universal” had been reset to “Default”