Airborne General Battle Pass - Naval Requirements

Having requirements in the battle pass for anything Naval is ridiculous. Get in touch with your player base: Naval isn’t fun and nothing you add to Battle Pass is going to resuscitate it. All you’re doing by adding naval-based challenges is frustrating your players.


they do that especially to make you play naval - because it’s also part of the game - so they’ll NEVER change that,…

but if you wanna rant, then feel free.


The biggest problem I’ve experienced with naval is that no one seems to be playing it. The queue times are ridiculously long and most times I decide to try it I just get tired of waiting.

On which server are you and which BR do you play? I play navel quite often around 3.7-5.0 BR and find matches in less than 30secs on EU Servers.


Should also remove air tasks for non-air players, and ground tasks for non-ground players.

I rarely have issues joining naval battles regardless of country or BR, often I jump straight in to the pre-battle countdown.

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Or hear me out.
14 challenge stages just like we have now but…
Eeach stage has a toggleable Air / Ground / Naval button giving you a specific challenge to the mode you selected.

Nobody plays naval. It’s unenjoyable for me. Queue times are high. Why should I suffer trough naval challenges, especially on stuff I paid money for?
Take that challenge where you had to cap a point and then destroy an air target? Completely ridiculous. Naval ships have auto aimbot up until like 8km away and nobody spawns planes because of it. Took ages to complete. Not because destroying planes is hard, but because nobody was spawning planes!!!

EU, reserve or lowest BR.

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-16 160532

If I can do it, anyone can do :)


Weird, never had any issues finding matches at this BR. Except at night. Maybe it is the time or something. Or the snail hates you :D

Well I mostly play GRB and only rarely try to get in to a naval game so could just be bad luck on my part.

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Improve the mode so people want to play it.


Force people to play the mode they hate.


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Based Snail

Same here, I would play costal a lot more than I do now, were it not for the fact that you can literally just wait in the queue for five to ten minutes before joining just one match.

How can they improve it if nobody plays it in the first place? It’s up to community to say what is bad in it,… not to gaijin found that 95% are bots in Navals.

So yet again, rant free here,…

Naval is fun as long as you know what you doing. Battle pass challenges are pretty easy to complete depending on how established you are in naval. I figure most players don’t have several nation rank III+ available and probably never will.
From experience, I completed the majority of former battle pass naval challenges with coastal boats. Using mostly tier III.
Remember you can call in CAS in naval. So you can also complete battle pass air challenges in naval. I completed the “Air Support” in naval using CAS for example. I also was able to work on several other battle pass challenges with CAS through naval.

So far I completed “Only Forward”, "All-American Division ", “Fire contact”, “Capture and Hold” and the other challenges mentioned with no trouble or stress. All in naval. Looks like an easy battle pass season for me.

I play land, air, and sea. It just makes the battle pass that much easier to complete.


Yeah, Gaijin is known for listening to criticism and feedback… right. That’s why they killed the mode in the first place.
The few people that are playing leave plenty of feedback that is ignored.

Show me those, go for it, let’s have it shine in front.

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There is a naval reward in the Battle pass, why wouldn’t one of the challenges be naval focused?

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