Air sim battles “reward”

So … entered a sim battle with a mig 29 SMT, wanna try some R-77 maybe I do lot of kills… 1 hour i ended doing 15 + 1 critical damage then i exit, when the match ends I go to see my rewards… 16k RP!!! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE … I know staying alive gives you more points… But just try to stay alive for more than 5 minutes at 13.0 … it’s just impossibile, but doing 15 kills and getting only 16k shitty points is just unaccetable.


Agree 100% (it’s unacceptable) but you have to limit yourself to 600 pts per 15 minute period, anything above that is unrewarded (because reasons).


And tonight I played and won and it didn’t count towards my wager even though last night I did the same thing in a shorter battle and DID receive credit… it just didn’t run the wager this time… love it.


You should learn how sim works

1- rewards are by time laps ( 15 min)
2- max score is 1000 🤔
3- landing gives you some reward too ( iirc)

Btw, you should post on the sim forum

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Sorry man was my first topic😆

You get more RP for destroying bases or airfield modules, thats why there’s so many “bombers” in sim battles. But after 2-3 hours you get aboyt 40k RP, that’s not much neither. Especially when you look at the SL income. You will get 2-3 times more SL than RP.