Air Sim Battles & "Realism"

Multinational battles. No way to get PID without using radar, if you are not able to acquire then you do not know what you are looking at right up until a missile comes at you - less you risk sending IR guided towards a team mate.

That leads to my next point - BR balancing is uh… extra. Things like the F4 having to compete against M29 & F16 (cause multinational in sim battles). Don’t get me wrong, I see the F4 as an amazing plane for the era it came from but it simply just does not compete in sim battles.

I honestly feel that sim battles need a rework and a bit more balancing along with multi-national being removed from sim battles.


Blink blink blink blink I did not at all understand any thing you stated for Sim as you were I’m gonna assume blaming several countries for having and serving the same or a different variant exclusive to said nation for being the reason.

Yes, that. Makes Air Sim a laughable concept from the start. Infact, it makes GRB laughable.
War Thunder is an all nation free for all and the silliest think a new player has to get used to. There goes the realism and immersion. Makes a potentially immersive WW2 Germany vs Russia or USA game into a military parade.

The actual game is more like an airshow.
Even the hangar is set up that way if you think about it.

Yes, then the silly era mix. Don’t get me started on that one. It makes a mockery of the vehicle detail and the BR system. War Thunder doing a sim seems like a contradiction in terms. That is what puts me off playing it.

I remember when air battles were historically accurate. The dogfights in the cold war era was absolutely insane.

Modern day I understand that it can not work by nation but at least keep “civil war” battles out of it.

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It seems like WT got it right at one time but let it slip away. Before my time though.

It seems WT has become a slave to flooding the game with vehicles and nations to appease the player base and rake in cash. It can no longer make it all work.

Also the dedication to vehicle realism seems like a millstone around its neck especially at top tier. Trying to impose equality across all nations and all BRs has become an impossible task while also trying to keep it real. As you say 60s planes vs 80s at top tier. That would be like the Gulf war where the US tanks had twice the range of Iraq’s T72s and the buck stopped there. Same outcome with an old Mig and an F16 in reality.