Air RB

More ground target variations - factories, radar sites, naval rigs, ports, nuclear silos, AAA systems,fortifications


I attacked today a base on a revised map (Kuban?) on a low level run - and the base looked like a kind of radar-station. Was really nice to see some progress…hope they continue with this…

yes i like this suggestion, also more mission parameters and lots of AI conducting missions etc.

I’d love this.

More airfields to spawn from - way more ground targets and way more map use not only everything in 3-4 sectors like we have now - we got such a nice maps and only use like 20% of them rest is empty.
Also bigger bases that acting similar to Airfield dmg wise so needed multiple bombers/runs to kill.
Fix WW2 plane mm so no more WW2 slow bombers compete with race to target vs things like Wyverns etc making especialy heavy bombers useless in such situations since all targets are wipe out long before you arrive.
Better rewards for ground attackers. And bring back rewards for fighting near allies.

Unnerfing gunners a bit would be also nice (ace gunner with 210firing range is just abysmal) - since even manual aim is ridiculously inaccurate thx to guns spread overnerf long time ago.

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