Air RB + Respawns

We need a mode that combines these.
I just went through all game modes except sim and concluded they’re all absolutely horrendous in at least one way or another.
Arcade (anything) - Fun but provides no RP and bad map designs.
Ground RB - fast vehicle meta and bad map designs.
Air RB (early jets and lower) - Approximately half a documentary til 1st engagement and bad map designs.
Air RB (modern jets) - Cognitive overload, excessive 3rd partying, and bad map designs.
Helicopter EC - 1 documentary til 1st engagement.
Naval AB/RB - Only went downhill since submarine event.
Naval EC - 1 work day til 1st engagement, and bad map designs.

Gaijin, you made fun events back in the day. Why make the core game so boring?

I would love some Air RB maps where we could take out more planes similar to ground RB. matches longer, larger maps more targets, have to strategize a bit more.