Air RB bombers

So can we give bombers a real purpose I’ve had multiple games where strike aircraft or other platforms just beat me to the bases or outright I get killed by a swarm of fighters before even getting close to the bases.


Do you fly directly to bases or do you take an alternate route to the left or right?

I’m also assuming you mean prop or early jet bombers and not later fighter/bombers.

This also wouldn’t be as big of an issue if they didn’t keep increasing the time it takes for a base to spawn

They really should add Air Sim Style airfields to ARB. Just give all bombers a 100% always active base to drop bombs on. Doesnt remove tickets like bases do. But at least means bombers always have something to bomb.

I spent 5+ minutes flying around in circles waiting for bases to respawn in the Buc S2B the other day

On the Operation Korea map, the bases won’t even respawn after being destroyed, and there are only three of them. I had to spend 20 minutes circling in the sky with nothing to do. What the hell is a heavy bomber supposed to do in this situation?

Yeah… This is why I play air SIM these days usually.