Air RB base suggestion

We know that someone’s pride prevents them from seeing players live happily and gain benefits, but bomber players may target teammates when they think they can’t grab the base. This is not a rare case, even in the last Before the version base was quickly refreshed, many top-level room players could only use bombers to gain benefits. They were not proficient in fighting. Often they could only get 135 points in each game.
So I hereby propose to set the base to a The total health volume, in which the health volume that each player can destroy is independent of each other. If the total health volume is destroyed to a certain stage, all players participating in the bombing of this base will receive additional benefits, so that each player has a base to bomb, and every time On the basis that the income from each bombing remains unchanged, you can arbitrarily adjust the time interval for the recovery of the personal bombing base and the amount of additional income from the total blood volume.
In this way, someone is not afraid that players will make a fortune using f111a, right?LOL

There are already threads in “general discussion”. If this is a suggestion, why not move it there?