Air RB base respawning

Or… you could improve the way you get your point across rather then keep complaining how your posts are misunderstood. You are clearly smart guy with huge passion for the game, but you need to either work or your communication skills, and I don’t mean vocabulary and gramma, or find a courage to admit when you are wrong which is sign of confidence and helps to move on with the topic.

I know we started off the wrong foot and likely you will take that as a dig but feedback is a gift.
I do agree with many points you made in most recent posts and ultimately I think we are on the same side.

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Fine for me. Happy to read that.

The rest of your post - i read it.

Removing base respawn in ARB is the most anti-player thing Gaijin could do. With the respawn, slower bombers would circle the area, creating interesting gameplay.

Now there is little purpose in playing slower bombers, since there is nothing left to bomb.

And we can’t even tell which plane has bombs, the ordinance shown in the scoreboard is bugged.


No, having to grind all the vehicles and modules is. Why not give it all for free?

This is indeed a problem since the introduction of custom loadouts. It needs to be fixed.

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Honestly, the base-bombing mechanics need a rework.
At high tier, there are far more bomb-carrying aircraft than bases.

The current situation is bad with players on the same team competing for the bases, some take minimal fuel and carry only the bomb for bombing exactly one base and perform a one-way trip to the bases. Some even team kill others just because they surpassed them on their way to bases.

This is not healthy for a game that involves teamwork. The most healthy gameplay should be players with bombs carry the responsibility of bombing bases and make the opposing team lose credit, while other players escort them. Currently, the sole purpose of bombing bases is to provide rewards and plays very little role in winning the battle.

Maybe its time to introduce more than 4 bases for each map, or make bases to have more health so that players must cooperate to destroy bases.
Or the bases can be made permanent with their health set to infinite, with every bomb drop provides point loss for the opposing team.
Or we bring back the possibility to bomb the airfield. Slower planes can take a longer route to avoid the center of the battle and bomb the mini-airfield.

Because then people would play what they want and then realize how boring the game is and quit playing.

Playing any strike aircraft around the 11.0-11.3 are is basicly useless if you have US on your team now as there is a horde of F4S Fighters bombing and since the base respawn time is longer now they just take all the bases and leave you useless

But weren’t you then useless from the start? What would you have done that you can’t do now? What use would that have been?

ok so as an example lets use the Tornado IDS you can fight in it but the F4S is way better at fighting while they then also wait for a base to respawn and then die

Also when they see you slightly infront of them going for a base they wont hesitate to shoot you down

My G.91Y has been very “fun” to spade lately with how when I go to bomb bases my entire team will rush to the base I marked to bomb it first :)

I only get to bomb bases in about half the games I play because my teammates take all 4 bases and they don’t respawn before the battle is over.

You obviously did the smart thing and attacked air targets. Your win rate in it is high accordingly.

The routine is to bomb bases and then engage enemy air. The aircraft is a multi-role and does this excellently (for how good a G.91Y is to begin with)

Me not getting to bomb only serves to diminish my RP and SL reward at the end of the game. I still play as a fighter afterwards regardless.

That may be your preferred routine, but it certainly doesn’t work well for the Fiat, as it is just to slow. When I was set to bomb with it, I usually had to hide until the second set of bases showed up. Still a good reward. But often, multi-role means that you have to be flexible.

I just don’t see what you are complaining about, you are doing fine in an unspaded aircraft.

And I also don’t see why they should not bomb the bases when they are significantly faster.

Works for me except for when my own TEAMMATES take bases I’ve marked, but even then I just go bomb ground units and still make more RP/SL. This is not detrimental to my playstyle.

My complaint is what I said it was? The fact my subsonic G.91 has to compete with supersonic bombers when the bases don’t respawn fast enough to warrant that kind of competition

Respawn time being 4-5 minutes is very bad gameplay.

This makes bombing in slow aircraft almost impossible at top tier as all the bases are destroyed before you get there, meaning you have to then linger around behind enemy lines as helpless missile fodder in the hopes that they respawn before someone shoots you down (you always get shot down first).

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It’s a Major Issue. I have been playing as a bomber main since 2013 when I started playing the game.

The issue is that currently from prop bombers up, bases respawn instead of within 30 seconds or so after around 5mins. This means since top tier maps are quite small if you use upper tier or top tier jet strike aircraft for bombing only (as further jet bombers have not been added yet), F-4 aircraft and other incredibly quick strike aircraft kill bases. So the rest of us bombers move to circle wide, however because of the cramped space teams are annihilating eachother in 5minutes at top tier, so whilst you have to wait another 2-3minutes before bases respawn so you are flying around gaining no silver lions or rp points the enemy could have obliterated your team and you get jumped by 7 enemy players with you left on your team.

To say the least this is rediculous. Since jet strike aircraft have been added to the game and war thunder has worked on their mechanics, BOMBERS and Bomber Mains whether prop or jet have been completely ignored or nerfed into the ground in terms of combat effectiveness:

First matches where reduced from 1hr to 24mins to stop bomber players getting large amounts of rewards for suviving for long periods of time and playing the bomber mechanic.

2nd they made it so that you practically have your sl and rp halved unless you land and rearm. With the time frames of tiny maps making you only earn 10-20ksl and rp, 30 if your lucky compared to fighter players or those going after ground targets.

3rd maps were not increased effectively with speed changes for some vehicles, meaning slower ones lose out on bases that take almost half a match to respawn, or if you live long enough you can only effectively do two bombing runs since after flying all the way there and back for rearming and bombing theres just enough time after that initial delay for 2 runs.

War Thunder need to make AIR RB Base’s respawn after a couple of seconds constantly in a match or else tonnes of bomber main community members may just start to leave the game. For the last year I have been almost secluded to Pilotage in custom gamemodes, because though I love bombers and jet bombers, the main game mechanics don’t let me enjoy bombing with them because of base respawn timers and tiny maps with tiny match times, so I only play fighters to grind bomber research, then only play them to spade them to use them for events or the rare time to check how the vehicle performs other than flying and see if air rb has been fixed.

I know this may have seemed like a rant post but it really isn’t. I absolutely love this combat simulation game with it’s quite accurate models of aircraft. The lack of bomber cockpits and new bombers each year aside, the game is amazing and hopefully soon these issues with bomber mechanics in terms of bombing base respawn timers getting smaller and match times increasing might happen. And like I have mentioned for reasonable map sizes for aircraft speed to be taken into account so that it’s never a 1v7 because your team is dead, you have full bombs not a single one dropped, and your waiting for bases to respawn after phantoms destroyed them.

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^I will mention if the reason for the delay was the idea that aircraft with larger bombloads could take “advantage” of base bombing, then the most easy and simple thing to do is change their silver lions and rp modifier for bombs dropped.

If you have a Buccaneer with 16,000lbs of bombs and an F-111A with 33,000lbs of bombs. You should make it so that if the F-111A player manages to destroy all those bases with it’s payload in one bombing run it should earn just abit more than Buccaneers with 16 dropping on bases in 1 run. To show progression in the tech tree line in silver lions and research.

Similarly if they add actual Jet bombers to the game (not just the russian supersonic strike jet bomber), then you can change mechanics so that either strike aircraft make more sl and rp compared to base bombing and vise versa with Bombers with bombing points so that aircraft are used for the roles they should be to disuade people bombing bases called out by bomber players like in middle tiers.

Or add twice the amount of bombing targets and almost remove base respawn timers to near nothing. Destroying bases no longer impact ticket bleed in any manner reasonable for 24minutes so adding tonnes of bases with hardly any timer affects nothing.

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