Air RB base respawning

The Essen map has a train depot on it that would make a very nice bomber target.

My suggestion has finally been approved. Please be sure to share your thoughts and vote on the issue here so we can possibly get this to actual developers attention!


Or… you could improve the way you get your point across rather then keep complaining how your posts are misunderstood. You are clearly smart guy with huge passion for the game, but you need to either work or your communication skills, and I don’t mean vocabulary and gramma, or find a courage to admit when you are wrong which is sign of confidence and helps to move on with the topic.

I know we started off the wrong foot and likely you will take that as a dig but feedback is a gift.
I do agree with many points you made in most recent posts and ultimately I think we are on the same side.

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Fine for me. Happy to read that.

The rest of your post - i read it.

Removing base respawn in ARB is the most anti-player thing Gaijin could do. With the respawn, slower bombers would circle the area, creating interesting gameplay.

Now there is little purpose in playing slower bombers, since there is nothing left to bomb.

And we can’t even tell which plane has bombs, the ordinance shown in the scoreboard is bugged.


No, having to grind all the vehicles and modules is. Why not give it all for free?

This is indeed a problem since the introduction of custom loadouts. It needs to be fixed.

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Honestly, the base-bombing mechanics need a rework.
At high tier, there are far more bomb-carrying aircraft than bases.

The current situation is bad with players on the same team competing for the bases, some take minimal fuel and carry only the bomb for bombing exactly one base and perform a one-way trip to the bases. Some even team kill others just because they surpassed them on their way to bases.

This is not healthy for a game that involves teamwork. The most healthy gameplay should be players with bombs carry the responsibility of bombing bases and make the opposing team lose credit, while other players escort them. Currently, the sole purpose of bombing bases is to provide rewards and plays very little role in winning the battle.

Maybe its time to introduce more than 4 bases for each map, or make bases to have more health so that players must cooperate to destroy bases.
Or the bases can be made permanent with their health set to infinite, with every bomb drop provides point loss for the opposing team.
Or we bring back the possibility to bomb the airfield. Slower planes can take a longer route to avoid the center of the battle and bomb the mini-airfield.

Because then people would play what they want and then realize how boring the game is and quit playing.