Air rb 16v16

Why is it still 16v16 ? I understand that Gaijin has implemented a system where you can turn on a setting for a “chance” to get small games, but personally, I’ve only experienced a small game 6 out of how many games. Flying around with everyone mostly relying on space climbing and sending off fox-3s everywhere is kind of annoying if it’s half the game. Last night, I Just left my base off the start of the match, first 30 seconds into the game, already had a f16 tracking me. Skill issue or not, personally I think having fox3’s in a 16v16 scenario is kind of stupid. It’d be nice for the game to have the small games instant, not as a chance, being able to fly around the map without having to worry would be cool. Plus, missile spammers would have to rely on their guns more depending on their environment.

Everyone: Give us Air RBEC for all BRs to solve all issues present in the air RB
Gajin: lol… no

LMAO, the way how I see it is, big EC maps should only get larger player spans like 16v16 only for those kind of maps. And your usual smal map (city etc) should only get like 8v8 or just smaller games like that. It’s really stupid how it is.

What a huge part of community ask for is copy paste of Sim EC into RB settings. So respawns, dynamic objectives and such.