Air problem in mixed battles

Why, in Gods name , why is it possible that you dont even need ground vehicles in GRB, to spawn a fully loaded heli? You can just heli rush can get 2 kills spawn a fully loaded heli and afterwards you know what a Ka-50 can do with vakhirs. And you know it would be ok if that was it. I have one replay that is linked in this topic, where our team faced approxemitaly 8 helis (all Ka-50) and 5 aircraft. That is not fair in any regard.

I am probably not the only one who is saying this, but we need an ground only mode.
You can also not spawn an AA into an ARB, so it would be totally fair.

Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Oh boy, if only there was a thead about CAS already in the forum. You must be the first person ever to make a thread about this…


The more , the better :)

Current CAS problem is like someone leaving a big pile of pet poops on the sidewalk which causes the whole area to stink, then people who just passing through are forced to smell it whether they like it or not, hence the complains keep coming.

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no. The more the worse, since you always discuss the same things over and over, without and advance


To be able to advance in discussion, both sides need a mutual respect which requires them to bring evidence backing up their claims.

Sadly, many people are in mindset of ‘my words are enough evidence’, ‘someone has said that’ or ‘it is so common’, thus we can’t advance in any discussion.


yes, and that’s a bigger issue with our discussion culture in general, not limited to War Thunder.

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