Air kills in ground RB

I Like to suggest to change the mode of air deaths, at least in ground RB.

Basically, I see planes committing suicide or raking up kills while destroyed.
My suggestion is to instantly destroy the plane as soon as it is killed in the killfeed, because basically all pilots use the suicide strike tactic to spawncamp against nests of AA vehicles, being able to destroy muliple of them despite being “dead” in the feed.

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This is already covered in the roadmap.

Killfeed will be more accurate with death of planes (experienced players know the score and understand currently).

In certain damage situations there will be a timeout on non-killed (asleep as it’s WT) aircraft if certain critical components are taken out.

Basically we got there in the end, the sensible option not the make planes useless (as the model effects all air modes).

-So better killfeed/point of being incapacitated is on its way.
-We now have an air alert to combat inability to communicate with other language speakers.

Took a LONG time but they caved in.

A proper solution would not be to kill the plane as soon as it shows up in the killfeed, but to make it appear in the killfeed only when it is actually destroyed.