Air CC recommendation

I’m looking for CC focused on Air part of the game. Someone mature that is going much into both game mechanics and some historical background. Something educational rather than “entertaining”.
If person will not start with “please like and subscribe” its a plus.
Any recommendations please?

‘Tim’s variety war thunder’
He mostly makes reviews of vehicles where he goes over their development and history then discussing what it has in-game and tips of flying them. He also has a couple very indepth tutorials on air mechanics like radar.


Looks all right, thanks.

On the top of original request, any channel that could help me to get into Air Sim?

Defyn if you’re looking for vehicle reviews and how they play and skilled flying tutorials.

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Sadly, i cant help with that. I am not much of an air sim player so i dont watch anything about it

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Nice one. Thanks

Maybe Hunter_i86?


Training days helped me :)

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