Air alert - aaaaahh

What happened to my “Air Alert” button? was this feature removed? I need it!



seriously though

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it’s still there click T for radio messages then 6 for targeting you will see the air alert. Works in both RB and AB as I’ve seen.

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I went in and double-checked and it was just my HOTAS which was reset - now that I’ve mapped it again life is grand.

I map it to the same button I use to target lock with missiles so it’s fun for everyone on the server, not just me.

So its Back?


In sim?

yeah I don’t know how or why my button was unmapped but that’s all that happened.

It’s still random as hell on if it will call out an azimuth or not but I play almost exclusively ASB


Okay thanks, I started playing sim a few weeks ago. I was wondering too if we can use this function.

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