AIM9L flare resistancy

this thing was very good a year ago, now its basically an R60m, i am using the swedish version so i don’t know if this has any effect but people… its almost unplayable did they do a big nerf? same thing goes for AIM9M why? why russian missiles have to be so good while american ones have to be so bad…

aim9l got the aim9h treatment. aim9h basically had irccm when it was first released then it got removed. same with the aim9l, although i still have times where the aim9l really wants a guy and will ignore flare dumps.

aim9m probably has to do with it having a different irccm than the others. It is supposed to be really good for side shots but it doesnt seem to be the case.

it’s so annoying, this thing was an actual good missile now its impossible to get a kill with it

AIM-9Ls aren’t as flare resistant as they used to be, but they are the most flare resistent of any missile that doesn’t have IRCCM. If people don’t flare it properly, and especially if they’re in a hot, afterburning jet like an F-14, AIM-9Ls will happily ignore their flares and swat them for you.

I’ve consistently caught people trying to flare it like any other non-IRCCM missile, thinking that just popping a flare will keep them safe, only for it to sail through their flares and right into their plane. You basically have to cut AB, flare and pull away to consistently dodge them rear aspect. They aren’t great in front aspect (Which you generally shouldn’t be doing anyways), and side aspect depends on how quickly your target reacts.