Aim7 and r27 r24 missile Proximity fuze problem

In the last 30 games, I’ve encountered a bug where my missile tracks well but fails to secure a kill and sometime it happened when enemy is flying straight. This issue seems to have emerged after the introduction of the “losat” into the game. I’m unsure where the exact problem lies, but I suspect it may be related to the proximity fuze coding or the guiding logic for the AIM-7 and R-27 missiles. I’ve posted this in the general discussion section because I want to inquire if anyone else has experienced this problem and to gather opinions. This could help us create a detailed bug report to identify the root cause.


Same for me

Gaijin knew about it for well over a month and has done nothing to fix it.
Here is the link to it :

Yes, that’s actually true. I was in a MiG-29SMT and I had a sparrow launched at me, and I had a R-27ER launched at the guy. My ER scored the kill, however, his missile literally flew past me, not even 3 meters below my plane. And now that I’m playing the US, I can’t stop having my sparrows NOT detonating, despite being well in range of the enemy plane.