AIM-9M is a placeholder...stop treating it like the final product

Keep seeing both here and on the official forum that people are super upset about how good the 9M is on the dev server rn

and at no point do any of them ever figure out that maybe this missile is a placeholder and is going to be nerfed? Because thats exactly what’s going to happen. Dev server IRCCM is always cracked compared to live server to begin with (you can ask anybody who messes with the dev server, its a thing) and on top of that you have posts like this coming from the developers which imply they do not think the 9M is that good or will end up being that good especially compared to the R-73.

I think the glaring issue is, instead of launching balanced products, they are putting russia on top. Again, and again, and again, and again…

What should happen is they launch all the counterparts together. So their is no sway of balance.

The devs tend to get more wrong than they do right. Just look at the performance of russian tanks.

This is another problem. Bugs and over performance have been reported countless times in the Dev Server and then they publish it broken anyways.