AIM-9L(I)-1 for the F-4F ICE-LA and other aircraft

The AIM-9L(I)-1 is an upgraded version of the AIM-9L produced by Germany featuring the same IRCCM and smokeless motor of the AIM-9M. In essence, it’s a copy of the AIM-9M.
As of the dev stream, the F-4F ICE-LV only features AIM-9L, at BR 12.7. While AIM-120As will be effective, the F-4F will be at a massive disadvantage without IRCCM.
The AIM-9L(I)-1 was also used on a number of Italian aircraft such as the AV-8B+, F-104ASA, F-16A, and Tornado ADV.
The F-4F ICE absolutely needs AIM-9L(I)-1s to be useable. As of the dev stream, the AV-8B has AIM-9Ms which should be AIM-9L(I)-1s. The L(I)-1 would also be much appreciated for at least some of the other Italian aircraft that utilized them, especially the F-16A ADF which iirc historically only used AMRAAMs and not Sparrows, something not changed yet.


An F-4 at 12.7 is insane, but hey look, AMRAAMs, am i right? 12.7 with 9Ls, meanwhile the Belgian F-16A is getting 6 AIM-9Ms at 12.0, they really gotta do some changes in BRs. Yes I understand things shown in the dev stream are not final, not even the dev server is final, but still, at this point I just can’t doubt their capacity to mess things up.


The german Tornado should also receive the AIM-9L/I instead of the regular L which the Bundeswehr never procured.


As far as I know, AIM-9Li wouldn’t exactly be a copy paste from the AIM-9M (ignoring the smokeless motor), because the AIM-9M was upgraded to have a far better lock on range and better G overload, unlike the Li, which should only have IRCCM.

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It’d at least be a copy of the current 9M performance. The L(I)-1 besides the smokeless motor and integrated IRCCM (compared to add-on for the L(I), which was built on existing 9L stocks) is described as having generically “improved performance” over the original L(I). I wouldn’t be surprised if the -1 has improved performance similar to that you’re describing, from later block 9Ms (M-9 for the F-15/16C). But I don’t have any documents with specifics so I could be wrong.


either lower the br or give the ICE its historical loadout 12.7 with 9Ls is too much especially when you are called ‘a flying brick’ for a reason

It shouldn’t be, but that’s how gaijin has implemented it.

They said RB-74M is AIM-9L(i) not AIM-9M

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If you can, leave AIM9M at 12.7, or down to 12.3

9l has a weight of 12.7, are you awake?

The only thing I can think of. is that Aim-9Li was simply not ready for the dev server. Though you’d think they’d mention that in the dev stream…

But yes, it should get Aim-9Li (or Aim-9M as placeholder)


Dunno what wouldn’t be ready, it’s just a copy-paste.

not even that

They gave it the wrong rwr for starters. The plane in general doesn’t seem finished. Maybe they’ll fix it but I doubt it as the devs are simply showing their incompetence as usual.

The f-4 ICE should be using the aim-9L(I) or even the IRIS-T missile as I dont believe it ever used the normal aim-9L.

(Public information I swear xD)

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Way too early for those. Unless you want the F4F-ICE at 13.3+

But Aim-9Li is not unreasonable

Yeah, IRIS-T was only for testing. It could be 13.0-13.3 with IRIS-T but no one wants an underpowered aircraft relying on overpowered missiles. Not fun to play and certainly not fun to fight, like if an A-10 was introduced back when 10.0 was top tier.

Yeah. Though I wouldnt say no to ASRAAM for the FA2 and F3 Late :P

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Slight issue, its already that. Except the missiles arent overpowered

its just in the wrong nation. That thing would be max 11.7 in the US tree.