Aim-9C and up are modeled wrong. Aim-9D should be all aspect

  1. They do not require lock on to launch.
  2. The Aim-9D and newer are all aspect (Not the L or the M and up).
  3. Aim-9D and newer have two modes. IR and RF tracking not just IR.

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only against a target using afterburner… atleast finish reading the paragraph, btw it is already able to do it.

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No entirely true, that is in IR mode. You can also use RF mode to target using RADAR instead. And this is all the way back to the Aim-9D. Not the L.

You also completely ignored how target lock is not required before launch.

Aircraft - War Thunder — official forum You’d want to put it here I believe if you want anything to happen about it

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They allready know but F-8E would touch their precious fantasy Migs…

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Sounds much like red top all aspect.

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I am sure they will find some excuse as to why they cannot model it correctly for the next 4 years.

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Yeah I wouldn’t want them to change just the AIM-9C and D but ALL missiles currently modelled incorrectly in-game. Hopefully this is changes next major update but we can’t really rely on Gaijin and their disappointing releases.

A Short List of Missiles Incorrectly Modelled In-game:

  • Red Top obviously
  • SRAAM, longer range and all aspect
  • Magics and their 50g overload
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I have made bug reports but they fall on deaf ears. How much more do they need other than pages out of declassified flight manuals like I have been showing?

They straight up lied to me about the Aim-54C. They said it can go Mach 5+ (like its specs) but I found in the game code its locked to M4.2… they lied straight up.


You should do a bug report maybe devs will add it.Anyways it would be a great change

50g’s is the combined plane g-load, not single which is what is used in game.

No it’s not in-game, this was already recommended and they were basically told “you need more reliable sources”. Basically meaning it’s not in-game.

Many sources though claim it can pull 50g without any plane g-load.