AIM-7M why do they keep missing targets?

I continue to encounter problems with the AIM-7s, when the missile is almost on target, it either completely misses the target by passing by it without exploding, or it suddenly changes direction for no reason, even if the lock on the target is perfect and the enemy does not it is located close to the ground. does the same thing happen to anyone?

might be notched or their a known bug with radar missiles phasesing through enemy aircraft

I tried to google if anyone had encountered the same problem but I couldn’t find anything specific about it

well it has happen to me before so don’t worry your not alone

Recently all missiles had a bug that caused proxy fuze to not work at all in some cases.I dont know if it’s fixed or not.

Its cause in russia they told flying low and straight protects you from USA missile…F-15 and F-22 say sure try that out…

My red tops didn’t work yesterday. Even on AI planes that went straight.

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An R-73 flew through me just before the patch dropped so probably not.

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