AIM-7,, Skyflash & Radar missile in general? AIM-7 becomes AIM-9?

Can someone please explain how i locked a M29 and the missile decided to for random F15?

At least this time the missile went for a plane and not a random ghost pixel in the sky.

Missile looks at what radiates the most radar waves back at it and goes after that plane, so planes in the far vicinity of your lock, including friendlies can get killed. It is normal.

Will you mind explaining what the point of radar and lock required is then if the missile kinda does it’s own thing?

Because majority of time that still works. Some aircraft historically had FLOOD mode which would flood the area infront the jet with radar waves so the aim-7 could track a target without you having to lock a specific target but it is not added in this game yet.

IFF is not a tech that Soviet side is familiar with it, so until they research that kind of thing, NATO vehicle won’t have it either.

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