AIM-120s are too OP

There is almost no way to dodge these missiles in flat maps and they kill you way before you reach the base.


Any thoughts?

Fly lower than 60 meters.

The base huh? You a base bomber lmfao

Learn to notch, learn to defend, learn to fly lower now, and learn to pay attention.


Aim-120 Buffs when?


Community Bug Reporting System
Community Bug Reporting System
Community Bug Reporting System
Community Bug Reporting System


Flat maps are the easiest if you want to keep doing the multipath strat. Had a guy dodge two last night doing it on a flat map.

You can also use their lead to force them into the ground if they are coming in low.

I’ve been dodging ARH all day in Sim in the FA2 using MP still. It barely feels like its been reduced at all.

40 meters… i’ve been playing and it feels a tiny bit different.

My average alt is 50-100 ft (15-30m). At least when I want to hug the deck, especially BOL broken currently and FA2 RWR underperforming. So 60m is still rather generous

Seeing how easy USA suggestions get acknowledged makes me laugh but good for y’all, although all of them seem to just be in review and not implementation.

Yeah… becomes quite annoying with non flat maps.

Actually… not US. British bug reports. All the data is from the British National Archives from Aim-120 is RAF/RN service. Flame does a lot of the reports for British stuff

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Oh lol mb. Saw Aim120 and immediately thought of USA

Yeah, did have one guy kick off because apparently this data isnt available from the US and therefore isnt accurate or something. Was funny

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I personally haven’t had any problem dodging missiles while flying low, in my opinion, the AIM-120 is working as it should be, unlike many things that are modified in the game for the sake of balance. Gaijin needs to work better on the maps, especially now with the advent of fox-3, an example of this is this new map, which in DEVSERVER had a great configuration, where the valleys gave a certain cover for those who are going to attack bases or who They still don’t have BVR missiles, but in the update they messed up the map, rotated the bases 90º, forcing the planes to go up and expose themselves to the enemy.

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Me when I spam AIM54 and kills F-15s, Su-27s, etc.

Aim-120s act the same as Aim-7s would. You just need to get out of the missiles sight or get it to hit the ground its not that hard. The only difference with the way they track is you don’t have to stay locked on a plane to fire them. Other then that they act the same.

AIM120’s performance is much better than AIM7s actually, it can fly faster and longer. Besides, you can’s talk the

just like somethings unimportant, it’s a huge improvement.

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How is it then that everyone treating them like Aim-7s have no issues then?

Also how so? I have been fighting them all day and have no issues dealing with them. And I’m in a AV-8.

Most radar guided missiles can be treated in the similar way doesn’t mean they have the similar performance, it’s the way how it works decides how you deal with it.
Considering the speed and range it can reach, Aim120 is much better than Aim7. Aim7 is hard to defeat R27ER in BVR but Aim120 is much different.
So when we talk about its performance you should compare it to other ARH missiles. Just like R77, it’s worse and hard to defeat Aim120 in BVR. The only situation it may win is low and short range.