Aichi E16A Zuiun11

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In the old forum, it was passed on to the developer, but since the new forum has changed, I haven’t seen it suggested even once, so I decided to write about it. KanColle fans, thank you for waiting. This is Mizuun
Development history
In February 1940, the Japanese Navy ordered Aichi Airways to build a prototype multirole aircraft capable of dive bombing and mounted on cruisers in order to subvert air power against the United States. The requests are as follows.
・Maximum speed 250kt or more
・ Cruising power of over 2,500km
・Excellent combat performance, capable of dive bombing
That was a very difficult request.
In response, Aichi Airlines produced 16 prototype two-seat water reconnaissance aircraft, and completed the first prototype in March 1942. After subsequent practical tests, it was adopted as the Zuiun Type 11 in August 1943. .
Aircraft structure
Zuiun uses super duralumin, air combat flaps, and even
It was equipped with the world’s first dive brake for dive bombing as a seaplane (it was unique in that it opened, and the single plate at the rear of the prop rotated nearly 90 degrees.)
Participation in actual combat
The unit was deployed in the spring of 1944 and used for night bombing in the Philippines, and many torpedo boats were sunk. It was also used in the Battle of Okinawa, where it was used for bombing and patrolling, but it was said to be in its final stages and did not see any active use. She was also scheduled to be installed on the air battleship Ise and actually trained, but she never appeared as a carrier-based aircraft.
・Total length: 10.84 m
・Overall width: 12.80 m
・Total height: 4.74 m
・Main wing area: 28.00 m2
・Empty weight: 2,945kg
・Weight of all equipment: 3,800 kg
・Motor: Mitsubishi Venus Type 54 (1,300 hp)
・Maximum speed: 448km/h
・Cruise speed: 333km/h
・Cruising distance: 2,535 km
・Practical ascent limit: 10,280 m
・20 mm cannon x 2
・7.7 mm rotating machine gun x 1 (initial type) ・13 mm rotating machine gun (mass production type)
・60 kg bomb x 2-3 or 250 kg bomb x 1
・Crew: 2 people
You can see the dive brake attached to the float.
After injection
from behind

Image taken when it was captured by the American army


The Zuiun is long overdue imo




Praise Zuiun!

We must encourage the spread of Zuiunism once more.


Yes, absolutely. Japan produced probably the best floatplanes in WW2.


Yes please +1 also would it be worse or better than the N1K with floats?

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.