AH1Z NEEDS AIM9M/X And Hellfire K

This helicopter has been mismatched with prehistoric munitions for far too long. There is NO reason the ah1z should be using non-tandem hellfire B at 11.0 While the littlebird at 10.0 gets hellfire K’s. Its even more absurd that the viper is using a sidewinder from the 70s when every other helicopter is equipped with eccm and irccm missiles; yes, stinger IS superior to the aim9L in a top tier ground rb environment. Getting real tired of this reluctance to update the viper while at a whole br lower i can sling 8 ty90s which are already superior to aim9m when mounted on a helicopter (sorry to the sidewinder elitists but its true)


I think they kinda confuse the 1w and 1z when add this to the game, and as one of the most uptodate heli in real world it could really use some buff.


Can’t have anything contesting the Kamovs. It’s the same reason we won’t see the Apache Echo series.


It would at least have some chance of defense with the aim9m. But obviously the L doesn’t cut it with zero flare rejection and extremely low locking range. What should really happen imo is it gets bumped to 11.7 where it should be with hellfire II’s and Hellfire R’s plus 2 aim9x’s but gaijin hasn’t figured out thrust vectoring yet anyways so aim9m will have to do

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I don’t see a issue here as long as others can get similar air to air armaments.

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Other helicopters don’t use modern sidewinders, its kind of the vipers defining feature. “as long as others can get similar armaments.” That ship has already sailed with the introduction of ty90, and unnerfed mistral would be even more powerful. 2 aim9m on a helicopter not often used is not some god weapon. Mistral should be on par with ty90 and the current nerfed stinger and igla flight model allows for decent enough performance.


You are right about the TY-90, it just won’t have the same range as the AIM-9M/X or R-73/74

Not entirely true, the two helicopters I know that can carry similar armaments are the Mi-28NM and Ka-52 variants, though I’m sure there are other helicopters that aren’t US or Russia that can carry advanced sidewinders.

Yeah that is true but for sidewinders its really only the viper since apaches are a grey area as they evidentially could but need to be retrofitted. As for ty90 its actually longer range than the aim9L/M because it burns for its entire 6km while the aim9 will quickly bleed energy in the high drag environment (ty90 has significantly more delta v and a 10 second burn time vs 5.3 on aim9m). So while aim9’s have a vastly longer guidance time they don’t have the energy to go far launched from a near standstill.

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Been messing around with the viper and wow even I didn’t realize how pathetically useless the aim9L is currently at top tier on a helicopter. Its seeker has the intelligence of an r60 so it will straight up lose track of a target just because the sun is somewhere kinda close, or a random rocket/atgm fired in the distance… If you see anything with ircm you’re **** outta luck because your late 2000s attack heli is equipped with 1970s missiles… Stingers are much better at the moment and thats not saying much lol. It cant track anything at top tier. At least manpads are a guaranteed hit on a10/su25 and tornado.

nope like with everything in the u.s tech tree, its garbage

El bump

It sort of makes me wonder how they would go about implementing something like the MD 969 since the only thing to follow up the AH-6M is maybe the OH-58 and RAH-66, but that doesn’t really fit the theme for Light attack helicopters, or realy go anywhere interesting.

The Aim-9L was nerfed down because it was too good at killing people popping flares and flying straight, especially since it was added on lower BR vehicles like A-10 Warthog and A-6 Tram. If I remember correctly, the L series could resist flares and I can support my statement with this line: “The AIM-9L added a more powerful solid-propellant rocket motor as well as tracking maneuvering ability. An improved active optical fuse increased the missile’s lethality and resistance to electronic countermeasures. A conical scan seeker increased seeker sensitivity and improved tracking stability. The L model was the first Sidewinder with the ability to attack from all angles, including head-on. Production and delivery of the AIM-9L began in 1976.” This statement is dirrectly from US official government site, with public access on Sidewinder’s information page: AIM-9 Sidewinder > Air Force > Fact Sheet Display (af.mil)

The same happens with Stingers in game: we should be able to equip more modern Stinger missiles (we only get Aim-92 in description, which is the official designation for airborne tested launchers later replaced with ATAS as official name, but the missile is easily interchangeable and any missile from FIM-92 could go in the ATAS launcher). The C series with RMP sensor which are also resistant to flares (and compensate for their low turn rate with their great tracking ability) could become the standard rocket or an upgrade to Aim-92, or even E and K series, already modelled for some ground vehicles, and could also be used on any helicopter with ATAS launcher with 0 modifications. Another weird aspect with them is their loft they perform at launch although any video on youtube with Stinger missile launching shows them more straight and efficient in flight and meeting the target on it’s intended path, while in game it struggles to correct it’s path due to the loft it performs upwards.

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Not true, look at sraam or swingfire

To clarify, they haven’t figured out thrust vectoring missiles launched from near standstill speeds. Just hover a harrier and fire an sraam. Same thing happened with the r73


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