AH-6M worth it?

I’ve been grinding the AH-6M littlebird and I was wondering if it’s worth it as support for a 11.3 lineup

Well its limited in both ammunition and optics, so definitely don’t expect to do much. The hellfires, while inconsistent and limited in count, can still be useful but you need to position yourself carefully as the threats you face at 11.3 are much more deadly. There are definitely better helicopters you can use, but you should be able to do something granted you position yourself well.

11.3? No

You need anti air missiles at that BR range jets are too efficient and the KA-50 will find you and kill you.

At 10.3 it’s quite effective.

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Unfortunately, the AA becomes more and more powerful from 10.0 onwards. And you will also encounter Pantsir and VT1 Nato AAs with 11.3. They’ll shoot you out as soon as they spot you. They launch a rocket, lock you up in flight and you have 1 second to dodge. That does not work.

Your play style with the helicopters becomes such that you constantly hide behind trees and buildings, shoot out a rocket or 2 and then change positions. Always careful not to be interrupted by an AA.

Enemy jets aren’t that much of a problem if you use this tactic. From the BR onwards they are also traveling very low and fast or forever far away and high. They won’t find you if you don’t make the mistake of staying at the airfield.

With the Hellfire you can use this tactic. However, you only have 4 of them. Whether it makes sense also depends a little on the SP you have to spend to start. By the way, Hellfire 2 can also be used very well against helicopters.

No, I didn’t tested the spikes but hellfires are crap.

Guided rockets and hellfires are pretty good on a 10.3 platform, however at 11.3 it’s not gonna do very well…

Its good at its own BR but not at 11.3. The SPAA at 11.3 is too effective. Helicopters in general are just flying targets unless you have something that outranges 11km.