AH-64s desperately need cockpits

The AH-64 in game, (AH-64A, AH-64D, AH-64A (GR), AH-64A Peten (USA), YAH-64, AH-64DJP, AH-MK1, AH-64A Peten (Isreal), Saraph) are all lacking their realistic cockpits, instead STILL have cockpit placeholders after all these years. Please fix this problem.

AH-64 Cockpit


Yeah, it really ruins the aircraft. I would quite enjoy cockpit flying it. At least in Heli EC, make that gamemode more fun, but nope. They have just been forgotten


Exactly. It just ruins the whole experience, and missing an MFD can make it more difficult. The AH-64D gets 2 MFDs, meaning in the pilots view, you can’t have an MFD showing the map. Has to be laser designator and RWR (cuz fsr, in pilots view, the RWR doesn’t show up, even with that setting on).