AH-64D HMD sight not aligned in VR on Dev

When in VR flying the AH-64D on the Dev Server the rocket sight and the marker showing where your guided weapons/turret is locked to doesn’t line up correctly and it stuck to the left side of the display.


I know I should submit this to the bug page but when I do I get an error saying, “Unable to save issue [EID: b86ea64059eae1132d7b2d99149ad8c0]” If this could get passed on from here or someone could help me post this on the issues page and get around the error that would be great


I’ll see if can send it off for you.

No sure if this will help there used to be a bug in vr were the sniper view of tank would be misaligned if dlss was on so maybe just a extension of that

DLSS causes some issues with VR so I keep it off anyway, and it seems that this is not an issue with any other vehicle.

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