AH-64 HMD Gun Slaved To Helm?

Correct me if I am wrong, still trying to wrap my head around it but most likely wrong in this sense but with the Apache interior reworks and getting their cockpits and HMD, shouldn’t the gimbal mount and targeting camera be slaved to the HMD and helmet, as its primary purpose was to allow the pilot to control the camera hands free. I cannot find the setting if it exist. I understand the gunner is responsible for this but in war thunders sense and gameplay mechanics aren’t plausible for this and I am not sure if this is something that may be considered for War Thunder game mechanics sake.

I am most likely wrong here and making myself look ignorant but I am attempting to find out if this may be a thing as it’s one of the main reasons the HMD was added and controls can be passed to the pilot as well if the gunner is wounded or vise versa so I could see this still being a feature regardless especially for the VR players. Anybody have any word on this?

Edit - Upon examination, In VR the HMD isn’t even truely bound to the VR user similar to how the VR user isnt bound to the rotation of a tank turret. The heading doesnt update for where you look and doesnt update the location of the targeting camera either. Hopefully this is resolved for VR users upon launch of “Alpha Strike”